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Macrame bracelet tutorial- The flower string ending with leafs - Th?t vòng tay chu?i hoa nh?

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YNC Administrator
by Published on August 27, 2019

Welcome to my new macrame bracelet tutorial - The flower string ending with leafs. Uhmm, yes, the old subject: flower and leaf but the new pattern. Hope you like it and thanks for watching.
#macrame #tita #tutorial #bracelet #flower #leaf #handmade
Hôm nay mình s? h??ng d?n các b?n th?t dây vòng tai ki?u chu?i hoa nh?, k?t thúc b?ng 2 chi?c lá xinh xinh. Ki?u này ??n gi?n nh?ng r?t d? th??ng, hy v?ng các b?n thích nó
#huongdan #thucong #thatday

September 8, 2019