(This is a product for phpFox version 4. If you’re looking for the same module for version 3, here it is: http://phpfox.younetco.com/v3-resume.html) Resume is a module which will turn your site into the contact point between employers and employees. Your site with Resume installed will be an efficient assistance to members who are in need of recruiting. By registering the “View Resume” service, they will have the right to view the full version of other members’ resumes, study them then making a list of candidates they think the most suitable. Moreover, with a contact tool integrated, the employers will not have to use another email address or phone number to contact the candidates but do it directly via your site. To members who are looking for a job, Resume will be a best way for them to present their education background, abilities, skills, etc to attract the employers. Furthermore, with “Who Viewed Me” service, your site will be different from other websites with the same function. This service will help gain the two-way interaction between employers and employees by showing the employees the basic contact information of employers who has viewed their resume. This will make the employees more active in finding and choosing a company which they think suitable them the most. In addition, if your members are also members of LinkedIn, Resume also allows them to have their resumes imported directly to your site. This is a unique feature of Resume which will save your members a lot of time. phpFox compatibility: Neutron Product version: 4.01 Demo: http://phpfox4.demo.younetco.com/index.php/resume/ License key: This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license. License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area. Notice In order to be able to import resume from LinkedIn, your website needs to install Social Bridge in prior Key Features Synchronize Profile Information with Resume Info for both creating resume manual or importing via LinkedIn Add/Manage custom fields for resume creation Create professional resumes step by step Import pre-made resumes from LinkedIn “View All Resume” Service: members have to register this service if they would like to view resumes of all other members otherwise they can view their friends’ resumes only. “Who Viewed Me” service: members who registered this service will know by who their resumes were seen. Contact tool for employers and employees to contact each other directly through phpFox site. Add note into a resume, favorite a resume and send message to the resume’s owner. Resume Completeness: this feature is similar to Profile Completeness. It will inform your members the percentage of creating a resume that they have done.
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