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My name is Jack Beatty and I am doing all I can to help my mate Scotty out. Scott Atkins is 30 years old and has CF (cystic fibrosis). This has never stopped him doing anything nor does he make a point to tell people. This is why I love him.
He has deteriorated alot since June of this year, spending the last month and a bit in the Hobart Royal Hospital where he was in ICU and then in the ward. When I went to visit him he was still the same old Scotty, skinny, funny and dropping the F bomb despite all he had been through.
Sunday 11 October he was flown to Melbourne in the Ambulance jet where he is going to go and get new lungs. I am very excited that with this lung transplant we will be able to play basketball together. I really want to do this because he has gone through hell and this will help him out more than we know.
All the money that will be raised will help out Hayley and Scotty with accomodation in Melbourne, flights, and anything that will help Scotty out. They will both be in Melbourne for up to 6 months, waiting for a donor and then the rehabilitation time. During this time Hayley will not be working and there will be expenses back here at home (eg. rent)
Can you please find it in your hearts to donate some money to both Hayley and Scotty. It would make me super happy and I know it would be greatly appreciated by both Hayley and Scotty.
Thankyou very much

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