11 Super Fun Revived Fundraising Ideas
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Here are some fun fundraisers:
Go Old School - Hold a BINGO Event - You can get prize donations from businesses and charge an entrance fee. This is a great family event and fun for all ages.
Pay to Play Dress Up - Sponsor a day at school where students bring $1 to dress up like their favorite character. Then have a contest giving a prize to the best costume.
Walk-a-thon - Hold a 12 hour walk in your school gym. The team or group members can raise support per hour of their walk. A family member can also join in to raise additional funds.
Silent Auction - Collect used and new donated items. Invite friends and family to come bid on the items.
Silent Art Auction - Kids create pieces of art while you can also ask local artists for donated pieces of work. Then you can auction off both children's and professional's artwork at a silent auction.
Talent Show - Organize a talent show at your school and charge an event admission fee. Offer donated coffee and desserts for sale as well.
The Best Band Wins - Ask some youth bands to compete in a show. The winning band will get prize money sponsored by local businesses. Charge a cover fee and sell donated sodas and snacks at the event.
School Day Dress Up Like ____ Contest - Hold a contest to see who can most closely resemble a popular movie character. Charge a small fee for each person to vote and give a donated prize to the winner.
Give a Meal - Ask people to join you in giving up a meal and giving the money they would have spent on the meal to your cause.
Branding - Design t-shirts (available at Fundraising.com) to sell with your team or group name on them.
Car Wash Plus - Set up a car wash and give bracelets with your group name on them as part of the car wash.

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