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Royal Stage Christian Performing Arts' mission is simple: foster a safe, noncompetitive environment for artists of all ages to come create. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that:
- provides free dance classes to inner city youth
- works with young women living in group homes
- supports the efforts of organizations working hard to stop human trafficking
- uses "dance therapy" techniques to bring healing to victims of physical, verbal & sexual abuse
- creates safe community for kids, teens and adults
- goes on annual outreach trips and performing arts tours to bring messages of hope. We serve in whatever capacity we can - we've cleaned thrift stores for a battered women's shelter and we've painted orphanages....
- we accept EVERYONE and give them a chance to shine for Jesus!
" Please consider making even the smallest of donations to help us support our programs - and you will be changing lives both in your neighborhood and around the world!

Location: California, United States