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Sophia Jolie
by on February 15, 2019
It also means that a steady stream of pet Halloween costumes keep coming in because Victor still hasn’t reported my credit cards as stolen even though he keeps threatening to. Victor seems to think that Dorothy Barker can just wear the first costume I find but that is ridiculous. Mostly because pet stores don’t have dressing rooms for dogs so I have to buy them and then take them home to try them out. Victor thinks that Dorothy Barker doesn’t even need a Halloween costume because apparently he just thinks animals should be naked all the time. Which is sort of gross because technically when they aren’t wearing clothes they are putting their buttholes all over the house. If anything, Victor should be thanking me. Although this first costume of the year didn’t actually cover Dorothy Barker’s butthole so I guess I can sort of see why Victor just stared at me and sighed deeply when Dorothy jumped in his lap