hand made sink
by Published on March 4, 2019

Stainless Steel Handmade Sink on the product knowledge, in front of handmadesink.net and share with you a lot of questions, friends, you can read the previous article information, or call us, we will give you the most professional explanation, today, we come Talk about the advantages of stainless steel handmade sink.

The advantages of hand made sink:

First, the rational use of space: Conventional home kitchen decoration, stainless steel handmade sink, faucet, water supply and drainage pipelines, garbage disposers and their pipelines, water purifiers and their pipelines, are free to install project installers, water and electricity mixed, an unsafe Second, not beautiful, three unreasonable. The stainless steel handmade sink through scientific and rational design, unified installation of standards, standardized production can provide better solutions.

Second, the functional integration: a product has a variety of product features, not only can be used in the kitchen without moving around frequently switch, and the price of a product at the time of purchase is much lower than the sum of the price of a variety of products. Through the integration of product features, the company has also realized the integration of product distribution channels and customer purchase channels and saved social resources.

Third, after-sales service convenience: to buy a variety of products through different channels and businesses, its after-sales costs are high, different products need to find a different business, businesses do not match each other, promote each other to the user to increase indirect costs , stainless steel handmade sink a single channel, any one component problems can only find a business can be resolved, convenient and peace of mind.

Fourth, stylish and comfortable: stainless steel handmade sink by the manufacturer's meticulous design and production, changing the past in order to decorate "go all out" What users have to choose the plan, different products are not the same style, with the often "dirt Gun with foreign gun "neither fish nor fowl, and stainless steel handmade sink through the overall design, integrated layout, the use of classic style, leading the fashion kitchen decoration.

Fifth , full-featured, stainless steel handmade sink not only to complete the cleaning function of stainless steel handmade sink, but also provide direct drinking water, garbage disposal. Food waste no longer soup Shui water spilled to the door directly from the drain discharge, saving environmental and convenient; winter do not have to use biting cold water to clean, kitchen treasure to provide 24-hour hot water, wash dishes, caring care.

Of course, stainless steel handmade sink is not without shortcomings, no one is perfect, not to mention the integrated sink from the human hand, in next article you will see disadvantages of stainless steel handmade sink.

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