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YNC Administrator
by Published on December 25, 2019

Digital Economy focus area researches and develops understanding, usage, preservation and safety of information as well as related innovations. The focus area supports entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education, and promotes the digitalization of regional businesses. The goal of operations is to make the users the core centre of information and services.

Annually, digital economy focus area cooperates with over 300 different organisations in research and development work regionally, nationally and internationally.


Digital information management and archiving

Digital information management and archiving research group researches and develops solutions for the increasingly data-driven world. Data and platform ecosystems require new kinds of methods, processes and tools as well as renewal of thinking. Good information management is important in all fields and, in the future, value creation is done with the help of digitalization.

User-orientation, visualisation and gamification

User-orientation, visualisation and gamification research establishes an anthropocentric viewpoint to the development of goods and services. The goal is to improve the user experience and usability of products and services by understanding the needs of the users. The research group focuses also on two topical research fields: gamification and visualisation including new visualisation methods, such as, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education

The experts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education research group support the development and establishment of companies and businesses and conduct research related to the field.  Entrepreneurs and those who aim to become entrepreneurs are offered wide-ranging training. The knowhow of company personnel is being developed through different kinds of projects and with experimental culture methodology. The versatile methods of entrepreneurship education and research take into consideration all age groups starting from primary school.



Research Director
Noora Talsi
Tel. +358 40 648 5020

Cyber security

Cyber security research is done especially from the viewpoint of networks and complete systems. In a digital society, all devices and services are connected to networks, and their reliability and safety is the capital of the future. Thus, a significant factor in cyber security is information management: who has access to it, how it is managed and what kind of an ecosystem is required so that the solution is simultaneously both manageable, safe and usable.


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